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Brad Huff

Regional Master Transit Plan for Southeast Michigan

Regional Master Transit Plan for Southeast Michigan

A long-term vision to expand and improve regional transit in Southeast Michigan

The Regional Master Transit Plan was a 20-year, $4.6 billion program to improve and unify regional transit service in Southeast Michigan, including Detroit. The project led to a region-wide referendum to improve funding for regional transit. Unfortunately the referendum failed by a narrow margin.

I led development of the final report—the culmination of over a year of analysis and planning and the basis for the referendum campaign to increase transit funding in the region. It required weaving several highly technical reports into one concise document. I directed the narrative and designed the document to communicate the complex technical work and findings to the layman.

The report is available on the RTA of Southeast Michigan’s website. Additionally, more information on the plan can be found here.

regional transit spending in southeast michigan
The report highlighted Southeast Michigan's lack of transit funding compared to peer regions
a summary of transit modes in the regional master transit plan
A quick summary of the various modes called for in the regional master transit plan

I also designed a series of public materials communicating the plan to a wide range of stakeholder groups. These materials supported the public engagement and education campaign leading up to the November 2016 referendum. The system map I designed was central to the campaign. I also designed and composed a newspaper-style tabloid about the plan which was distributed throughout the region.

regional master transit plan tabloid cover
Front page of the Regional Master Transit Plan tabloid
inside the regional master transit plan tabloid
The tabloid included articles about the plan's costs, features, and benefits