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Brad Huff

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System Map for the Regional Transit Master Plan

A map to inspire change

My favorite part of the Regional Master Transit Plan for Southeast Michigan was the system map I designed to describe the many new services in the plan. The map was distributed throughout the Southeast Michigan and was central to the plan’s public engagement campaign.

Following public rollout, the map, and more importantly the plan itself, received extensive local and national media coverage. The map was even reviewed by Cameron Booth at Transit Maps (4.5 stars!).

The map needed to excite and inspire the region. It had to appeal to a broad range of stakeholders and constituencies and be clear and easy to follow.

regional master transit plan
Regional Master Transit Plan
regional master transit plan
Regional Master Transit Plan

RTA wanted a bold map with the sophistication and simplicity of subway map, yet it was imperative the map stay true to regional geographies. Stakeholders needed to be able to see exactly where these new services would take them and how they related to the existing bus system. I accomplished this by simplifying and standardizing the regional street network.

On the backside of the map I was challenged with creating an infographic summary of the plan. It needed to explain the need for new transit investment, the RTA’s proposed transit improvements, and how the entire program would be funded. Most importantly, this had to be presented in a clear and concise manner so a wide array of regional stakeholders could easily understand.